Analog Computer Museum - Homebrew Equipment

During the last couple of days I built the small analog computer designed by Dr. Vogel and documented my progress with quite some pictures and some remarks concerning necessary changes which were necessary since I could not get hold of some special parts.
A four channel X/Y oscilloscope multiplexer. This devices allows the simultaneous display of up to four figures on an oscilloscope screen which is quite useful for simulations incorporating a user interface or simulations which require the observation of up to four curves during a run.
Many simulations involving a man in the loop require some kind of a control stick. The device shown on the left is a control stick adapter to be used in conjunction with an analog computer.
A lot of simulations and stochastic computations require a very good low frequency random noise source. Using a commercial random noise generator like the Wandel und Goltermann RG-1, this special filter delivers a very narrow band low frequency signal suitable for analog computation.

26-JAN-2008, 29-MAR-2010,