The following pages are the result of my efforts to preserve analog computers and information about analog computing in general from being scrapped and lost. These efforts started many years ago when I fell in love with the general idea of analog computing being a teenager and reading the wonderful book "Analogrechnen" written by Prof. Giloi and Prof. Lauber.

Over the years analog computing became my passion and the more books and articles I read, the more machines the collection contained, the more I got hooked by this very special way of doing calculations.

I wrote two books about analog computing, one in German which was published in 2010 and one in English which is based on the German issue with some errors corrected and including a more thorough mathematical description of the various computing elements as well as containing more detailed programming examples. Both books were published by Oldenbourg and are available in bookstores or at amazon. A (German) review of the book "Analogrechner" can be found here.

The museum currently offers the following sub areas which might be of interest:

Introduction: If you are a first time visitor you might want to read a little bit about analog computing in general. Library: Here you can find lots of articles and other printed material about analog computing for download.
Collection: Over the years I managed to save some wonderful machines from scrap - most of these are on display in this section. If you are interested in visiting the collection feel free to contact me to make an appointment. Examples: To get an impression of analog computers at work, have a look at this section.
Impressions: Here you can find a collection of various pictures of electronic analog computers. Homebrew: This collection of pages shows some homebrew devices which I developed over the years to extend my analog computing capabilities.
People: Here are some pages with pictures and stories from other persons who have been working with analog computers. Support: If you want to support the museum, please have a look here.
What's new?: Changes and extensions to the online museum can be found here in a chronological sequence. Impressum und Datenschutz


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