The visit of Prof. Dr. Giloi and Prof. Dr. Lauber


On 29-MAY-2006 my wife Rikka and I had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Giloi with his wife and Prof. Dr. Rudolf Lauber with his wife as our guests.

This was - and still is - a great honor to me, since the book "Analogrechnen" by Giloi/Lauber, published in 1963, changed my life. This book was one of the key reasons which eventually led to my enthusiasm for analog computing and the decision to become a mathematician. So it was a wonderful and inspiring event for me to meet both authors and their wifes in person.

The following pictures were taken by Rikka during this occasion:

Prof. Giloi and me in front of an RA 742.

Prof. Giloi in front of one of his creations, an RA 741.

Me and Prof. Giloi in front of the RA 741.

The following pictures show Mrs. Giloi and me playing piano as well as Prof. Giloi playing the piano.

The following picture was taken by Mrs. Giloi and shows my wife Rikka, me and the DO 960 analog computer.

16-JUN-2006, 26-JAN-2008