The TELEFUNKEN OMS 811 Dual Beam Oscilloscope


The OMS 811

The OMS 811 dual beam oscilloscope is a marvel. It was especially designed to be used with the TELEFUNKEN family of analog computers so its characteristics are perfectly matched with transistorized analog computers. The oscilloscope is not really a dual beam device - it simulates a dual beam tube by switching rapidly between two positions. The oscilloscope has no time base system - instead it has two independent x and y inputs! If a calculation requires a time base the output of the timing generator of the controlling analog computer may be connected to the x inputs of the oscilloscope.

The overall system:

The pictures below show the top and bottom view of the overal oscilloscope. On the one side the electron beam tube can be seen in its MU-metal shielding, in the middle is the power supply and on the other side are the chopper stabilized operational amplifiers for the x- and y-deflection of the beam(s).

Detailed pictures:

The picture on the left below shows the precision resistors used to select the desired amplification rate for the deflection circuits. The picture on the right shows the card cage containing the printed circuit cards for the amplifiers and power stages.

The picture on the left shows the cabling of the amplifier section while the picture on the right shows the high voltage oscillator which generates the acceleration voltage for the electron beam tube with a fly back transformer.

The two following pictures show one of the two (identical) voltage regulator cards for the +/-15 V power supply and the two power transistors mounted on a common cooling bracket (on the right).

The next two pictures below show one of the four operational amplifiers used for the two X- and two Y-inputs (on the left) and the coil-unit used to decouple the +/-15 and +55 V power supply outputs (on the right).

The two last pictures show one of the two electronic analog switches used to switch between X1/Y1 and X2/Y2 (on the right) and the control card with the necessary circuitry for controlling the two electronic switches and the blanking of the electron beam.

  • Handbook for the OMS811 oscilloscope, in German, about 1 MB.

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